Joe N. Idlette, Jr. Teacher Education Center Dedication

Joe N. Idlette, Jr. Teacher Education Center Dedication
Posted on 06/07/2018

The SDIRC Teacher Education Center was recently re-named the  Joe N. Idlette, Jr. Teacher Education Center

Vero Beach, FL, June 7, 2018—On May 30th, the School District of Indian River County celebrated Mr. Joe N. Idlette, Jr. following a decision made at a January 23rdBusiness Meeting, when the Board voted to rename the Teacher Education Center (TEC) as the Joe N. Idlette, Jr. Teacher Education Center. Members of the community, friends, and families joined to recognize Mr. Idlette and his many years of service and accomplishments in the School District of Indian River County. Entertainment was provided by the talented young men and women of the Gifford Youth Orchestra under the direction of Rev. Dr. Crystal Bujol. During the ceremony, several attendees stood at the podium to speak kind words and wishes for their friend and colleague, and highlight the impact he has had on Indian River County. Joe N. Idlette, Jr. became the first African-American to be elected to the Indian River County School Board on November 19, 1974. He served for 20 years, 3 terms as board Chair and 3 as Vice-Chair. Mr. Idlette also held the position of President for the Florida School Board Association for a single term, and served as a State delegate for the National School Board on three separate occasions. Mr. Idlette's most significant contribution to Indian River County was leading the way for equal education for all students by filing a lawsuit to end segregated schools in 1964. He was successful in his legal pursuit and schools were required to integrate in 1968.

Mr. Idlette, said, “The dedication was an awesome experience! I’m so thankful to the community for the opportunity to serve. We had a long relationship together and got a lot done!”

SDIRC School Board Chairman, Shawn Frost, stated, "It is not only appropriate to honor the legacy of such a great man in the naming of our chambers after Mr. Idlette, but speaks to how far we have come as a district. I was not even born when he led the charge to integrate Indian River County schools, but I am supremely grateful for his efforts, and proud of the outcomes his tireless efforts achieved. It is an honor to serve as the Chairman of the Indian River County School Board leading meetings in a room named after a pioneer such as Chairman Idlette. Though divided by generations and differing life experiences, we are united in our desire to see ALL children achieve their God-given potential, regardless of race, religion, sex, or ethnicity. A hearty congratulations and debt of gratitude are in order for Mr. Joe Idlette, Jr. and his family."

Superintendent, Dr. Mark Rendell, added, “Mr. Idlette’s impact on the educational outcomes for students in Indian River County was immeasurable. Serving as a member of the School Board for five terms, 20 years, is a testament to his commitment to our community.”