literacy week photo contest elementary winner

Fellsmere Elementary School – Elementary Photo Contest Winner 


Celebrate Literacy Week 2017 has passed, but the winners of local contests are still being rewarded.  This year the theme was “Literacy Changes Our World”. Gift card prizes are being awarded to first and second place winners in each category.  The school photography contest provided each school with the opportunity to submit one photograph that BEST illustrates students, teachers and staff celebrating literacy.  A big "Thank You" to all the schools and students who submitted contest entries.  And, a special thanks to Books-A-Million in Vero Beach for their continued support of literacy events across the district.

literacy week photo contest secondary winner

Sebastian River Middle School - Secondary Photo Contest Winner


Poetry Contest:

First Place, Hadlee Caskeys, 4th grade  


                                    RJ Palacio story 

                                August doesn’t care           

                              When all the people stare 

                         He isn’t perfect with fluffy lace 

                    But he wonders where did I get my face


First Place, By Miriam Castro, 6th Grade 



A boy with his family 

struggling to survive. 

Little did he know 

they all would thrive. 


The boy found love. 

The girl found him, 

together their was a bond 

that lies within 


Together they married. 

Father soon to thrive. 

All but one  

would have wonderful lives 


Soon with a son 

They learned to grow cattle. 

Little did they know, 

they would have to battle. 


A battle for life 

The son falling in love 

Parents slowly dying 

But she, she was above 


There was a great wave 

that would soon hit the town. 

All trying to survive 


First Place, Ericka Thimmer, 8th Grade 


I watch and I listen 

I look at me cell’s grey walls and see nothing 

I don’t remember what it looks like when the sun used to glisten 

I have given up the idea of running 

I will never be free for no one is coming 

I have no one to hear me plea 

I am here because I made the mistake of touching. 

 Shatter Me 


My touch is lethal 

Everyone I touch dies 

Since I have no one to talk to, I keep my journal 

I cannot forget these cries. 

I want to say I’m good and not a monster but I know these are lies 

I cannot touch thee 

The faces of pain and fear stay ingrained in my eyes. 

Shatter Me 


 I have had no one to talk to 

Someone else is here 

Oh his eyes that are so blue 

I remember him it’s so clear 

Our love for each other grows each year 

I have a reason to keep going now and so does he 

We are together at last and I start to tear. 

Shatter Me 


He is the only thing I have to lose 

We run, we escape, we are free 

This is what I choose. 

Shatter Me