Is Gifford Middle School disproportionate in retaining experienced teachers?  No 

FACT: 20.1% of teachers at GMS have 25+ years of experience.  15.7% of district-wide teachers have 25+ years of experience.

Halfway through the school year, 10 out of 48 teachers – 21 percent – have already left.  No 

FACT: Gifford Middle School has 54.6 teachers and not 48 teachers as listed in the article.

In 2013-2014 school year, two teachers resigned and one teacher’s contract was not renewed for a turnover rate of 3 out of 52 teachers, or 6 percent.  In 2014-2015 school year, four teachers resigned and two retired for a turnover rate of 6 out of 51 teachers, or 12 percent.  Is this amount similar to the district average?  Yes 

FACT: In each of these years, the turnover rate district-wide was between 10 and 11%

Did Ms. Decker give both poor reviews and Highly Effective Evaluations to teachers Bill Wood and Bonnie Julin?  No 

FACT: Both received Highly Effective evaluations which are not "poor reviews".

The district charged Vero Beach 32963 $37 to gather Gifford Middle School teacher turnover records, which indicates the data was not readily available.  No 

FACT:  The District charged $37 to cover the labor cost of the personnel gathering the records.  The public records request policy can be found here: 

Does the School District fill the positions with substitute teachers rather than hire full-time subject-area certified teachers with benefits to save money?  No 

FACT:  The District does not use substitutes to save money if there are qualified candidates for students.  Secondary reading positions are hard to fill mid-year due to limited qualified candidates for these positions.  The positions at Gifford Middle School (as well as other schools) are posted and good faith efforts are being made to find qualified applicants. 

We always make decisions in the best interest of students.

Bonnie Julin said she did receive an online survey, but Wood said other teachers he has spoken with who left Gifford in the past two years claim they were not sent surveys or given exit interviews.  No 

FACT: Exit surveys are sent to all departing employees between the time that their resignation letter is received and when they actually leave service.