Is the Annual Report (112.08 filing) to the Insurance Commissioner a rate recommendation?  No

FACT: Rate recommendations for each year are provided by the insurance broker, several months before the plan year, once trend is known.

Did an article list two different insurance rates for the same year?  Yes

FACT:  The 112.08 filing does not list rate recommendations; it lists assumptions two and three years into the future.  Different years listed different assumptions.  These were not recommendations and it would be impossible to implement two different assumptions for the same year.


Does the District have in its possession the rate recommendations from its broker for the years 2010 through present?  Yes

FACT:  The District has written recommendations that it received from its former broker.  Some of these recommendations were archived because they were in the past, but they have been retrieved.


Did the District implement all recommendations of its brokers?  Yes

FACT: The District implemented the recommendations of its brokers.  In two years, however (2012 and 2015) due to delays in bargaining with its CWA union, rates were not implemented for a portion of the employees.  In 2013, CWA employees had an increase in premiums to recoup the lost premiums from 2012.  In 2016, the CWA employees again had an increase in premiums to recoup the lost premiums from 2015.  However, in 2016, a Memorandum of Understanding “forgave” that payback when premiums were increased 32%.