Were there discrepancies between employee premiums and plans in the past?  Yes

FACT: In January of 2015, the District’s insurance broker brought a concern regarding discrepancies to the Assistant Superintendent.  Records were compiled with the assistance of the Broker, and a correction period began.  Unfortunately, even with new software that was supposed to help with this reconciliation, the books did not balance.  As a result, there was a personnel change initiated by administration and the replacement staff balanced the books.  The District has implemented regular checks on the alignment between rates and enrollment.  The last check (in October 2016) found minimal errors and those were immediately corrected to ensure proper agreement. 


Are there currently discrepancies between the premiums and plan assignments?  No

FACT: The most recent check of the fund was conducted in October 2016.

Did the former benefits specialist resign from Service in 2015?  No

FACT: The former Benefits Specialist was reassigned to a non-benefits position on February 29, 2016.  This is on the School Board agenda and minutes for that date.  She never resigned, but her contract expired on June 30, 2016.


Was anybody held responsible for the discrepancies between premiums and plans?  Yes

FACT: The former Benefits Specialist was employed in that position for about thirteen years.  She was responsible for all payroll entries and Florida Blue plan data.  When the irregularities were identified, she was charged with making the proper corrections.  She was unable to perform this duty, even with the assistance of a new electronic benefits enrollment system.  Administrators also received complaints regarding the employee failing to return phone calls and failing to respond to e-mails from employees.  Eventually, administrative personnel saw it fit to recommend and remove the previous Benefits Specialist from the benefits role on February 29, 2016.


Has the reconciliation matter been resolved?  Yes

FACT: All needed corrections were made by the new Benefits Specialist.  The District is now performing periodic discrepancy checks on the fund to ensure accuracy.  The last check was performed based on October 1, 2016 data.  The next check will be performed when all current enrollment changes are complete.


Is there a difference between the numbers on the Insurance Commission 112.08 filing and the Certified Annual Financial Report (CAFR)?  Yes

FACT:  When Wakely and Associates was filing reports for the District, these reports drew from different data sets.  The 112.08 filing was solely reporting on the self-insured fund for healthcare.  The CAFR reported all revenue and expenses for all insurance including fully insured revenue and expenses.  The report is permitted to be filed in that manner.