stop bullying

Reporting bullying, cyberbullying, or harassment is the first step toward making our schools in Indian River County a safe place for everyone. Please report any form of bullying behavior if you experience it, witness it in school, on the bus, at school events, or online. 

**Should an act occur during non-school hours it can be reported to a law enforcement agency by calling 911.

Ways to report: PROCEDURES FOR REPORTING (under Attachments below)

  • No Go Tell
    • No - tell the person(s) bullying you to STOP
    • Go - walk away
    • Tell - tell your teacher, school counselor, or administrator
  • Submit anonymously at school by placing a Bullying/Harrassment Reporting Form (under Attachments below) in a reporting box located at:
    • Health room
    • Guidance/Student Support offices
    • Library
    • Main office




Download this file (Bullying-Harassment-Reporting-Form.pdf)Bullying-Harassment-Reporting-Form.pdf185 kB952 Downloads
Download this file (Definition-Bullying-Harrassment.pdf)Definition-Bullying-Harrassment.pdf132 kB823 Downloads
Download this file (Procedures-for-Reporting-Bullying.pdf)Procedures-for-Reporting-Bullying.pdf119 kB739 Downloads
Download this file (What-is-Bullying.pdf)What-is-Bullying.pdf432 kB859 Downloads