Gratitude Jars and Journals

Gratitude Jars and Journals
Posted on 03/31/2020
Gratitude Jar

Welcome back, SDIRC! We are going to share a daily activity to promote connection and Build Resiliency. We are kicking off our first post with an activity that you can continue through the remainder of the year – start a gratitude jar or journal to which each member of the family contributes! Aim to make a note at least every other day! Show us your jars or notebooks!


The following was taken from Erika's Lighthouse: 

Practicing gratitude is great for our mental health. For this activity, every student needs a jar (or another container or even a ziploc bag) and slips of paper. Students can write or draw what they're thankful for on the slips of paper and put them in the jar. You can make this more of an arts and crafts project by providing students with supplies (like paint or ribbons) to decorate their jars if you'd like.

This is also a "gift that keeps on giving." Students can turn this single meeting activity into a gratitude project by continuing to fill out slips of paper saying what they're grateful for every day or week.

Another option is to have students decorate the covers of gratitude journals and fill out the first entry of what they’re grateful for that day.
Gratitude activities, whether a gratitude jar or gratitude journal, are most impactful when a student does the activity on a regular basis.