Disability History and Awareness

Disability History & Awareness

The State of Florida Statute 1003.4205 designates the first two weeks in October as Disability History & Awareness Weeks. School districts are encouraged to provide information about disability history in Florida and promote the awareness of the contributions of individuals with disabilities.

The goals established in Florida Statute 1003.4205  are:

  • Better treatment for individuals with disabilities, especially for youth in school, and increased attention to preventing the bullying or harassment of students with disabilities.
  • Encouragement to individuals with disabilities to develop increased self-esteem, resulting in more individuals with disabilities gaining pride in being an individual with a disability, obtaining postsecondary education, entering the workforce, and contributing to their communities.
  • Reaffirmation of the local, state, and federal commitment to the full inclusion in society of, and the equal opportunity for, all individuals with disabilities.