SDIRC Specific Material Objection Form

Specific Material Objection Procedure and SDIRC Specific Material Objection Form Links to an external site.

In accordance with po2522 - Objections to Adoption or Use of Instructional, Library Media, or Reading List Materials Links to an external site., parents/legal guardians and residents of the county may object to the use of a specific instructional material in the classroom, made available in a school library, or included on a reading list, based on the criteria set forth in F.S. 1006.28(2)(a)2. Links to an external site. or F.S. 1014.05(1)(c) Links to an external site..

A parent/legal guardian or resident of the county who has an objection to the use of a library/media center, reading list, and district-approved instructional material should request, preferably in writing, a conference with the Principal or Principal's designee to discuss the use of the material. The petitioner should include the name or title of the objected material, the author, page number, and the specific reason for the objection. In the event the issue is unable to be resolved at the school level, the Principal or designee shall provide an explanation of the reconsideration process and will direct the parent/ legal guardian to complete the SDIRC Specific Material Objection Form Links to an external site..

The petitioner may also request a physical copy of the SDIRC Specific Materials Objection Form at the address below:

            School District of Indian River County

            6500 57th Street

            Vero Beach, FL, 32967