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DES School Improvement Plan 

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An Adobe Acrobat file DES-Parent-and-Family-Engagement-Plan-2018-2019 169.42 KB
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An Adobe Acrobat file DES-Parent-and-Family-Engagement-Plan-2017-2018 449.14 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file DES-Parent-and-Family-Engagement-Plan-2017-2018-ESPAÑOL 390.76 KB
An Adobe Acrobat file DES-Parent-Compact-Agreement-2017-2018 326.85 KB
explore subfolder image 2015-2016-Archived
An Adobe Acrobat file DES-SPAR-2015-2016-ESPAÑOL 1.16 MB
explore subfolder image 2014-2015-Archived
An Adobe Acrobat file DES_Spanish_SPAR_Report_2014-2015 1.02 MB
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