Home Education

Home Education Program F.S. 1002.41 is a parent-directed educational option that satisfies the requirement for regular school attendance. Florida Laws protecting home education became effective in 1985. Parents have the freedom to determine their child's educational path and the plan for reaching their goals. Students have the opportunity to explore and learn at their own pace, in any location or at any time. Home education students are able to enter institutions of higher learning and are eligible to participate in the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program. More than 84,000 students in approximately 58,000 families are in Home Education Programs throughout Florida.

Resources for Families

Choosing to begin a Home Education Program

Summary of Home Education Program requirements

Home Education and Bright Futures

Home Education and ESE Services FAQs

Home Education and Dual Enrollment FAQs

Private School and Home Education Transfer of Credits FAQs

Support for Home Education Programs

The Department of Education provides technical assistance and information to school districts and parents. Each district has a home education contact who works with homeschooling families regarding home education programs. Many independent organizations also provide resources and support for home educators.

Home Education contacts by School District

(FPEA) is an independent organization that exists solely to serve home education families in Florida.

Home Education Foundation (HEF) is a corporation established to raise support and direct the lobbying for home education in Florida.

Home Education Student Participation in School Related Activities

In accordance with Florida Law, home education program students may participate in certain activities associated with the District. These activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Interscholastic extra-curricular student activities

SDIRC Embry-Riddle Dual-Enrollment-Flyer

TCTC Dual Enrollment programs

District virtual instruction program

Career and technical courses and programs

Industry certifications, national assessments, and statewide, standardized assessments offered by the district

Home Education Student Participation in State-Wide Assessments

School districts are required to provide state-wide assessments to Home School Students. Parents may choose this option as a form of evaluation. The state-wide assessments offered include English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Civics, Biology 1, US History, Algebra 1 and Geometry. Students electing to take a state-wide assessment will take it at their zoned schools.

If any student wishes to take a state-wide assessment, please call the assessment office no later than 3 weeks before the testing window opens.

  State's testing windows 

Assessment Contacts
Chris Taylor 772-564-3033
Laura Addison 772-564-3124