Career Pathways

Indian River County participates with Indian River State College, through the Research Coast Consortium, to award students with articulated college credits for program completion at the high school level in career & technical education.

What are Career Pathways?

Career Pathways help guide students towards a specific profession by providing a defined list of courses offering expert training. The various courses help lead students to completion certificates and/or degrees that identify the student as being qualified to work in a particular field. Each pathway program provides a "roadmap" of study that graphically illustrates the courses or degree requirements that will lead students to their desired education and employment goals.

IRSC Career Pathways Program

After you complete your high school career program, you are eligible for college or clock-hour credit. Follow steps below to earn your credits:

  • Complete your high school career program to be eligible for college or clock-hour credit. Your eligibility for Career Pathways credit is valid for 24 months following your high school graduation date.
  • Meet with your IRSC advisor to indicate completion of a Career Pathways Academy.
  • Complete all IRSC Admission requirements.
  • If courses assist toward your program objective goal, credit will be verified and applied to your degree or certificate based on your educational plan*.
    *This is a one-time, permanent evaluation. (Consult with your IRSC advisor for details).