Principal Message

Dear Wabasso Families,

Welcome to Wabasso School. We are a caring community of learners.  All of us, from the Principal to our youngest child is growing and learning.  We are centered around each child where teachers and staff help students grow to be their best self.  Within this dynamic environment an emphasis is placed on teaching and learning.  We are committed to student growth in the areas of academic performance, social/emotional, independent functioning, daily living, communication, community interaction and employability skills.

Wabasso School is a partnership of students, parents, teachers, staff and business people.  Within the classroom setting, it is our goal to lead students to achieve their maximum potential.  Outside of the classroom we like each student to participate in various community activities.  Our Transition Model builds employability skills with the goal of paid or supported employment for students as appropriate. 

Students cannot achieve their maximum potential without the collaborative efforts of our parents and partners.  I encourage you to become an integral part of your child’s educational experience at Wabasso School.  We are one large team and together we can build a learning environment centered around our students meeting their individual needs.  Together we can take each child soaring to new heights.


Rick Bartman, Principal








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