Meal Payment

Online Meal Payment

We offer an online Meal Payment Program, K12PaymentCenter, a state-of-the-art online service that offers you the convenience and information you need to manage your student’s meal account. Parents who choose to make prepayments using K12PaymentCenter will have a small program fee (4.29%) added to each family transaction based on the amount deposited. The fee is used to cover the credit card and other payment processing fees, and is not collected by our district. The system has been overwhelmingly successful thus far, and we encourage all parents to utilize K12PaymentCenter.

For those who do wish to prepay into their student’s meal account, visit

The Food Service Department will consistently strive to find new and better ways to serve our students and our families.

Return Check Notice

The School District of Indian River County has entered into an agreement with Payliance for the collection of all returned checks issued to all Indian River County schools. The district requires that you make sure the following information is on all checks written:

  • Full Name 
  • Street Address 
  • Home Phone Number

If your check is returned by your bank, it will be automatically forwarded by the Indian River County school district’s bank directly to Payliance after the first presentation. Payliance will contact you in order to collect the face amount of the worthless check plus the state allowed collection fee. If you do not properly respond to Payliance or Payliance is unable to contact you, Payliance may re-present your check to the bank electronically along with applicable collection fees.