What is Champs? 

CHAMPS is a system of expectations that works with any set of rules, rewards, or consequences that you are already implementing. It can even be used if your school has a specific classroom management program in place. For example, my school has the 3 Bs: Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful. Those are common terms all teachers use. I still use those terms frequently, but I also use CHAMPS in my classroom.

The CHAMPS acronym stands for:

  • Conversation: Can students talk to each other during this activity?
  • Help: How do students get the teacher’s attention and their questions answered?
  • Activity: What is the task/objective? What is the end product?
  • Movement: Can students move about during this activity?
  • Participation: How do students show they are fully participating? What does work behavior look/sound like?
  • Success: When students meet CHAMPS expectations, they will be successful! 

According to Safe and Civil Schools, CHAMPS strategies are easy to implement and will:

  • Reduce classroom disruptions and office referrals
  • Improve classroom climate and office referrals
  • Improve classroom climate
  • Increase student on-task behavior
  • Establish respectful and civil interactions