Glendale Elementary School Teacher Invited Back for the 2018 Iditarod Sled Dog Race

Glendale Elementary School Teacher Invited Back for the 2018 Iditarod Sled Dog Race
Posted on 03/01/2018

DATE: February 28, 2018

Cristen McMillan
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Vero Beach, FL, March 1, 2018— Glendale Elementary School 5th grade teacher, Kim Slade, has been invited back to this year’s Iditarod Sled Dog Race to celebrate the 20th year anniversary since the first “Teacher on the Trail” program began. It all started with “Finney” (Andrea Aufder Heyde) who felt compelled to reach out to the Iditarod Trail Committee and discuss the creation of a Teacher on the Trail program. “Finney” became the first Teacher on the Trail and led the way of providing a rich content of instruction for teachers to use with students. With “Finney” as her inspiration, in 2007, Kim was selected as the Iditarod Teacher on the Trail.

Kim stated, “It was an amazing experience that changed my life forever!”

As the Teacher on the Trail (TOTT), Kim had many responsibilities that included: creating lessons, visiting schools in the Anchorage area and out on the trail, online journaling, and working as a volunteer for the race. She spent 5 ½ weeks in Alaska that winter and was able to travel the entire Iditarod Trail by bush plane, snow machine, and dog sled.

Principal Adam Faust said, “Kim Slade is my inspiration. She is a teacher who does so much for so many, and for her to represent our district for this prestigious event brings me great joy. We have Skyped and connected with kids during this process through a Canvas course she created, and the excitement and learning that is happening is amazing.”

This year’s trip will include Kim traveling out on the Jr. Iditarod Trail again, participating in the Iditarod Education Conference, partaking in Pre-Race Activities, and the 2018 Iditarod. All of this will be shared with 5th grade students here in Indian River County through Canvas and online lessons. Glendale fifth graders will also have the opportunity to Skype with Kim, asking questions and seeing this experience firsthand. The race will be used to address grade-level standards across multiple disciplines with the focus on weather/climate and adaptations.

 Kim and Students
Kim Slade with some of her 5th Grade students at Glendale Elementary

 Kim with dog
Kim Slade posing with an Alaskan Husky

For more information about Kim, and to view her “Teacher on the Trail” profile, visit:

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