SDIRC and Local Law Enforcement Place SRO’s at All Traditional Public School Campuses

SDIRC and Local Law Enforcement Place SRO’s at All Traditional Public School Campuses
Posted on 03/14/2018

DATE: March 14, 2018

Cristen McMillan
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SDIRC and Local Law Enforcement Place SRO’s at All Traditional Public School Campuses 

Vero Beach, FL, March 14, 2018—The School District of Indian River County is pleased to announce that in partnership with our local law enforcement agencies, starting today, March 14, we have a School Resource Officer (SRO) stationed at all of our traditional public schools. Previously, we have had School Resource Officers at our traditional middle and high schools. With this increased support, we will now have an SRO at all of our traditional elementary schools, our Technical Center for Career and Adult Education, and the Wabasso School. These SRO’s will be on campus for the entire school day and will be dedicated to the site for the remainder of the school year. 

This increased level of security is a key element in our effort to provide a safe environment for our students and staff. We would like to thank the leadership of these local law enforcement agencies; Sheriff Deryl Loar of Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, Chief David Currey of the Vero Beach Police Department, Chief Michelle Morris of the Sebastian Police Department, and Chief Keith Touchberry of the Fellsmere Police Department. All of these agencies are contributing resources to this effort and we are certainly grateful for the partnership we have with them. 

Superintendent, Dr. Rendell stated, “I believe our community is very fortunate to have such dedicated law enforcement agencies that have not hesitated to work together to make this happen.” 

Sheriff Loar, added, “Today is a safer day in Indian River County. We are proud to partner with the School District of Indian River County to have law enforcement in every public school in the county. Our deputy sheriffs now staff public schools from first bell to last bell every school day, and will do so from today forward.”

School District of Indian River County School Board Chairman, Shawn Frost, said, “The Board is confident that today our schools are likely the safest they have ever been and only getting safer. These additional School Resource Officers demonstrate the Board’s commitment to meet potential threats with preparation and are merely the first and most visible representation of our commitment to providing the safest possible learning environment for our students. We appreciate the focus and efforts of our Superintendent, Dr. Rendell, Assistant Superintendent Teske, and the Sheriff and Chiefs of Police over the course of the past month to move the Board’s clear vision and plans forward. 

We are grateful to Governor Scott and the Florida Legislature for providing the additional funds for staffing, hardening our structures, and addressing the mental health concerns within our schools. We pray a threat never comes, but we are MUCH better prepared today and will be even better prepared in the coming weeks and months. Our children must be kept as safe as possible.”

SRO Group Photo

SRO at Lunch

Adding a Student Resource Officer at each traditional public school is just one of the steps in our effort to provide a safe learning environment. We continue to evaluate and update our policies and procedures which cover safety and security; and we constantly review physical security measures at our schools and facilities.