Option 3: Transitional Remote Learning

Option 3: Transitional Remote Learning

Students selecting option 3 will begin school August 24th by participating in a remote learning model that follows a daily school-based schedule. Students will need to log in daily at specified times as attendance will be monitored. Lessons include real-time interaction with their teacher who will be presenting the same standards aligned grade level instruction that students are receiving in the classrooms.


How does transitional distance learning differ from the model of instruction offered by the district last spring?

Unlike the instructional model offered last spring, the transitional distance learning model will follow your child’s choice/magnet school bell schedule. Instruction provided will be a combination of live and recorded lessons, and also will include activities that your child can complete independently at designated times in the home setting.

Will my child’s choice/magnet school seat be saved if they are enrolled in the Transitional Distance Learning model?

Your child’s choice/magnet school seat will be saved for a minimum of nine weeks. After the first nine weeks a determination will be made by the district related to whether choice/magnet school seats will be held beyond this time period based upon the continued presence of COVID-19 in our community.

Will my child have to be on the computer all day long?

No, transitional distance learning will involve a combination of work on the computer and work using more traditional instructional materials.

Will my child have the same teacher during Transitional Distance Learning, as they will when they return back to the physical school setting?

The district is making every effort to match students with teachers that they will have when they return to the physical school setting. However, there are likely to be situations in which their teachers for Transitional Distance Learning and the traditional school setting are different.

Are all the same elective courses available through Transitional Distance Learning as in my child’s choice/magnet school?

Based upon scheduling constraints, it is likely that there will be more limited availability of electives courses through Transitional Distance Learning.

If my child is enrolled in the Transitional Distance Learning Model, will they be able to attend elective courses on their choice/magnet school campus?

Participation in elective courses on physical school campuses will be limited to those students who are enrolled in the traditional school setting.

What if my child begins to struggle academically through the Transitional Distance Learning model of instruction?

Please reach out to your child’s instructor for Transitional Distance Learning. As part of discussions of your child’s needs, it will be important to consider whether a more traditional model of instruction would be more beneficial for your child.

If my child has an Individual Educational Plan, how will services be provided through the Transitional Distance Learning Model?

Individual Educational Plan (IEP) meetings (initial, annual, interim) and evaluations will be conducted virtually and/or in-person as applicable. IEP services will be provided either virtually or at the zoned/choice/placed school. Staff will review IEP's and may convene to make determinations based on current needs of students, as applicable.

What supports will be provided through Transitional Distance Learning for students receiving gifted services?

Students eligible for gifted services will receive instruction/consultation/enrichment based on their Educational Plan from their zoned/choice school. A student’s zoned/choice school will ensure meetings are held based on need to update his/her Educational Plan to ensure compliance.

If my child is enrolled in the Transitional Distance Learning model, can they participate in athletics and extracurricular activities at his/her choice/magnet school?

Yes, students enrolled in the Transitional Distance Learning Model may participate in athletics and extracurricular activities at his/her choice/magnet school. Please contact your child’s school for further information about these activities.

What if I do not have access to an electronic device for my child?

In the coming weeks, the district will be identifying distribution dates to provide district-loaned electronic devices to those students who do not have the needed access.

Are School Lunches provided to distance learning students?

Yes, you can find information about lunches for distance learning students by visiting our Food & Nutrition website.