Option 1: Traditional Instructional Model

Option 1: Traditional Instructional Model

Students selecting Option 1 will be returning to their choice/magnet school on August 24th. Extended day will be offered as well as the full range of electives. Modifications in the use of school space, safety procedures & transportation will be implemented based on the level of COVID-19 spread. 


Will extended day programming be available during the reopening of schools?

Extended day programming will be available on all days in which schools are in operation. Health and safety protocols, including social distancing measures, will be in place in all extended day programs.

What new procedures can I expect when I come to my child’s school? 

 Parents/guardians can expect the following new procedures:

  • During routine arrival and dismissal times, parents/guardians will drop-off and pick-up their child while remaining in their vehicle.
    Schools will severely limit non-essential visitors and volunteers on campus.
  • Parent/guardian visitation during school breakfast or lunch times will not occur for the first 9 weeks.
  • Any parents/guardians entering the front office will be required to wear a face covering.
  • Schools will limit the number of people entering for a student to one, when possible.
  • Parent meetings and conferences will be conducted virtually, as needed and by appointment.

What are the requirements for face coverings? What if my child forgets their face covering?

On October 15, 2020 the SDIRC School Board voted to maintain the current face covering requirements, as outlined in the SDIRC Safe at School 2020 Reopening Plan.

Face coverings will be required for all staff and students when social distancing is not possible, and during school arrival, dismissal, and transition times. If your child forgets their face covering, they will be provided with a disposable mask.

The following exemptions to the face covering requirements apply: people eating or drinking; people for whom a face covering would cause an impairment due to a health condition (physician’s note required); students with an IEP who have related, individualized needs; individuals observing social distancing in accordance with CDC guidelines; individuals who need to communicate with someone who is hearing impaired; and students and staff participating in recess and physical education classes while maintaining social distancing.

Will there be consequences for students who do not follow face covering requirements?

Every attempt will be made to educate the student and family on the importance of wearing a face covering to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Schools will work with students and families to identify a more appropriate instructional model if a face covering cannot be worn (with the exception of the exemptions outlined above).

What modified procedures will be used for water fountains and bathrooms?

Water fountains will not be available for a minimum of the first 9 weeks. Parents are strongly encouraged to send their child to school with their own water. Bathrooms will be sanitized by custodial teams throughout the day. Students will receive explicit training on effectively wearing face coverings, social distancing, effective hand washing, school transitions, and cough etiquette.

What if I need to pick my child up from school early for an appointment or illness?

Parents/guardians will follow school-established procedures for early pick up. Parents/guardians must wear a face covering and practice social distancing and will be limited to the front office. For early pick up, parents must bring ID to the door of the front office.

What if my child is experiencing difficulties adjusting back to the physical school setting?

If your child is experiencing difficulties adjusting back to school, please contact your child’s teacher and/or our district’s mental health support line at 772-564-6199 / mentalhealth@indianriverschools.org.

What if I have questions about my child’s IEP and/or their specialized needs?

For questions about your child’s needs, IEP, or how your child’s needs will be supported through various instructional models, please contact the ESE Resource Specialist at your child’s school or the Department of Exceptional Student Education at 772-564-5944.

What should I do if my child is attending the physical school setting and I become concerned about my child’s health or safety due to changes in the presence of COVID-19 in the community or school?

Our district is committed to supporting the safety and health of our students. If you have concerns about your child’s health or safety, please contact your school’s principal to discuss potential health/safety modifications or an alternate instructional model.

What if my child has fever or is exhibiting potential symptoms of COVID-19?

Students with fevers of 100.4 F or above or exhibiting any potential symptoms of COVID-19 should remain home from school, with recommended follow-up with their doctor.

What happens if a student or staff member at my child’s school tests positive for COVID-19?

The local Department of Health will notify the district of students or staff in our school setting that test positive for COVID-19. A review of the positive case will occur, and the district will work in collaboration with the Department of Health for contact tracing and recommendations for next steps for the school. Any staff or students identified at high-risk for COVIID-19 exposure and in need of self-quarantine based upon the Department of Health’s assessment, will be notified by phone.

How will substitute teachers be trained in health and safety protocols and procedures?

All SDIRC substitute teachers will have additional, mandatory training prior to the reopening of schools on health and safety protocols and procedures. All schools will have “Guest Teacher” folders for substitute teachers that provide information on school-site specific protocols and procedures. Additionally, all substitute training materials will be made available on our district website.

What measures are in place to address air quality concerns?

We will be running our systems in occupied mode 24/7 one week before school starts in August to improve the filtration and ventilation in the buildings, and during the school year we will operate the systems 2 hours before occupancy and 2 hours after occupancy. The increase in fresh air volume will help dilute indoor contaminants, including virus particles.

What considerations will be made to initiate the closure of a physical school campus due to a COVID-19 outbreak?

Closure of a school campus will be considered for a designated period of time determined in collaboration with the Department of Health of Indian River County if >5% of total students and staff are identified as COVID-19 positive, or if 20% of school-based staff members are identified as COVID-19 positive. Additional factors that would contribute to the initiation of school closures include positivity rates in the community, occupancy at local healthcare facilities, and availability of COVID-19 testing. The district may take other factors into consideration, as appropriate as related to the initiation of school closures.