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Florida Department of Education (FDOE) Comprehensive Health Education Mandates

The School District of Indian River County is committed to inspiring and empowering all students to maximize their full potential. This mission aligns with the State Board of Education Rule Memo that requires the provision of a minimum of five hours of required instruction related to mental and emotional health education to every student in grades K-12 annually. Content areas include mental and emotional health, substance use and prevention, internet safety and/or human trafficking, and character education, which will support emotional resiliency and academic success in a global community. Access the lessons and view related documents in the drop-downs below.

More information on the FDOE health education related requirements related to the State Board of Education state statute rules can be found on the FDOE and Comprehensive Education Mandates webpages.


Director of Student Services
  Heather Holden

Coordinator of Mental Health 
    Sara Ange


   Melissa De La Torre

Student Enrollment and Homeschool

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