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The Risk Management Department serves students, staff and community members in the coordination and administration of the District’s Employee Benefits Program, Employee Wellness Program, Workers’ Compensation Program, Property/Casualty Insurance Program, and Loss Control. We are readily available to be of service. Information regarding property and casualty insurance can be obtained by calling the office at 772-564-3129 or 772-564-3130. You may also reach our office by email at [email protected]. We provide workers’ compensation assistance 24/7 by calling or texting 772-217-9466.

Our office oversees the following areas:

  • Employee and student safety, including accident investigations, student athletic and accident insurance, workers’ compensation and return to work programs.
  • Procurement and administration of employee Wellness and Benefits program such as health, life, vision, dental, life, disability and flexible spending accounts.    
  • Claims administration for property, casualty, vehicle and workers’ compensation liability, as well as litigation management.     
  • Facilitate and support the Health Insurance Advisory Task Force (HIATF) committee.     
  • Participates in the District’s crisis planning, emergency response and operations, and FEMA reimbursement.
  • Verification of insurance coverage for Vendors conducting business on District property.    
  • Provide insurance and process insurance verification for Facility Use Agreements, Special Events and Field Trips district-wide.
  • Relative forms, documents and information can be found below.

Insurance Requirements

General Insurance Requirements

Vendor Insurance Verification - Certificates of Insurance

Vendors, insurance agents or brokers can provide us with a current Certificate of Insurance using one of the following methods:

A. By uploading directly to our website: https://www.ebixcerts.com

B. By email to [email protected]

C. By fax to (770) 225-6334

After using one of these methods, please do not send us the certificate by mail.

If you have questions about this notice or the required evidence of coverage, you may contact EBIX at (951) 652-2875. Thank you.

Employee Benefits 

Detailed information regarding Employee Benefits can be found here:

Employee Benefits Webpage

Safety Matters Newsletter

Safety Matters September Newsletter

Student Accident Information & Forms

Student Accident Form

Student Accident Claim Form 23-24

Did you know that when a student gets hurt that the parent/guardian is responsible for the expense?

The District provides parents with several cost effective options to obtain student accident insurance:

  • 24-hour Accident Coverage
  • Interscholastic Sports
  • 24-hour Dental

Click here for further information.

Department Contacts

You can reach us by email at:

[email protected]

772-564-3130 or 772-564-3129