ESE Recertification Requirements

In an attempt to be proactive, the Professional Development (PD) Department collaborated with the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department to create a course specifically designed to meet the 20-hour recertification requirement for “working with students with disabilities” as outlined in Florida Statute. This course is 20-hours in length and fulfills the entire 20-hour requirement. It may be taken by any SDIRC employees before applying for license recertification.

Additionally, the Professional Development Department worked in conjunction with the Certification Department, IRCEA and the FDLRS organization to pre-approve several other courses as meeting the state requirement (partially or entirely). The courses listed below have been preapproved and may be taken and/or combined with one another to meet the 20-hour requirement (a total of 20 inservice hours must be earned if combining courses from this list).

  • SIMS strategy trainings
  • Assistive Technology trainings
  • SMILE trainings
  • Unique Learning trainings
  • Autism Awareness and Strategies
  • FINS trainings
  • Instructional Strategies that Work for all Disciplines
  • Managing Anti-Social Behavior
  • ESE TEAM trainings
  • PDA: An Introduction to Differentiate Instruction
  • PDA: Differentiated Math Instruction for All Students
  • PDA: Differentiated Science Instruction for All Students
  • PDA: Instructional Strategies
  • PDA: Positive Behavior Support
  • PDA: Language Development and Communication Skills
  • PDA: Transition
  • PDA: Interpersonal Interactions and Participation
  • PDA: Differentiated Reading Instruction for Students: Making It Explicit (only taken through FDLRS)
  • PDA: Technology for Student Success: An Introduction
  • PDA: Technology for Student Success: Assistive Technology

*If you have questions about any courses not listed here, please contact Adalia Medina-Graham in Certification.