Student Conduct

Student Conduct21ST CCLC STUDENT CONDUCT: The 21st CCLC Program follows all the same guidelines/rules as listed in the School District of Indian River County Student Code of Conduct Handbook. If you have not received a copy from the school please let us know and we will be sure you receive one or you may also find it under the Parents-Students menu on this website.


It is understood that if a student jeopardizes the safety of other students or the program, the child will be dismissed. Reasonable efforts will be made to assist students within the program but the program reserves the right to suspend or terminate a child at any time if a serious problem exists.

1st offense Student will conference with teacher and site coordinator, parent is notified
2nd offense Student will receive written notice, parent notified
3rd offense Student will be suspended from the program, parent notified
4th offense or a serious offense Termination from the program, parent notified