Attendance Policy

Attendance is a very important part of our program. Students will not be dismissed until the academic hour is over.

In order for your child to be successful and receive the help he/she needs, it is important that each child attend daily. Attendance also plays a large part in how the program is funded. When students are absent, funding is reduced, increasing the possibility of the loss of the program. We must have staff available as if all students are attending so we are counting on your child's participation every day.

Parents are responsible for contacting the site coordinator if their child will be out and to send a note when they return; this note will be put in the student's file. If a child has a prior commitment written notice containing the parent's signature and stating the reason for the weekly/monthly absence must be provided. This notice will become part of the student's file. Frequent absences may result in removal from the program.


Child with fever
  • Illness of student
  • Serious illness or death of family member
  • Head lice or nits
  • Doctor or dental appointments
  • Legal matters
  • Religious holiday or training
  • Unforeseen emergencies (i.e. natural disasters)
  • Prior commitment that has been documented in student file by parent

Site Coordinators will send notes home with students having over four days a month of unexcused absences. Continued excessive absences may result in the student being removed from the program to allow space for a more committed student on the waiting list.

21ST CCLC EMERGENCY POLICY: In case of an accident or illness, the parent/guardian of the child will be called. Please be sure we have your correct phone and address on file. In serious/emergencies the parent will be contacted and 911 may be called. Directions from the EMT will be followed until the parent/guardian has arrived. If EMT determines the need to transport the student and the parent/guardian has not yet arrived, then the student will be transported. Once parent/guardian arrives on campus they will be updated on the transportation of student. Parents/guardian of student will be responsible for the cost, if any, of the emergency vehicle and/or emergency room.