20160913 ces lab discs 01

Mrs. Long's 5th Grade students at Citrus Elementary used the Globisens LabDiscs for the first time! The "Temperature Around Us" lab was a success with both the students and the teacher. Student engagement occurred naturally and flowed throughout the entire lesson as the students learned what taking 'real time' data looks like when using the LabDisc. The disc has multiple probes and is a data collector that communicates with a program on their laptops in real time, so that students can then analyze the data collected. Mrs. Long's class tested different mixtures and solutions to see if temperature was affected by certain liquids. The data was displayed in a bar graph so students could compare the increase and/or decrease of temperature measuring in degrees Celsius. The Globisens LabDiscs are a part of the District Wide Digital Innovation Initiative (DI2) for the 5th Graders in Indian River County.