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Florida First Lady Ann Scott, along with the Florida Department of Education and the Florida Department of State, kicked off the Summer Literacy Adventure as a way to encourage students to pledge to read and visit their local public libraries this summer.

Florida students have the opportunity to participate in the Summer Literacy Adventure by visiting the Just Read, Florida! website to take the pledge. A select school with the most participating students in the Summer Literacy Adventure will be recognized during the 2013/2014 school year.

Students who take the pledge may also utilize a free online tool to search for books based on their reading ability and interests. The DOE, through MetaMetrics, offers a unique resource called “Find a Book, Florida” at Lexile Framework for Reading that uses Lexile® measures, a widely adopted reading metric that can guide a reader to an appropriate level book.

The Department of State also encourages students to read, and local public libraries throughout the state host a variety of programs during the summer to promote reading. Students and their families can learn more about summer reading programs by contacting their local public library, and information on the locations of public libraries in Florida can be found at Florida Libraries & Grants.

Access the Summer Reading List or other reading resources through the Just Read, Florida! website. We hope you will encourage your students to take the pledge today!


FL Reading Association


Florida Reading Association 2016-2017 Titles

Because I Stubbed My Toe. by: Byous, Shawn RL 2.1 PTS .5 Quiz 173912
Families, Families, Families!  by: Lang, Max and Suzanne

Luna & Me. by: Kostecki-Shaw RL 3.5 PTS .5 Quiz 181508
Nerdy Birdy.  by: Reynolds, Arron
Over in the Wetlands,  by: Rose, Caroline Starr RL 3.8 PTS .5 Quiz 175001
Stay! A Top Dog Story,  by: Latimer, Alex RL 2.5 PTS .5 Quiz 177100
Water is Water,  by: Paul, Miranda & Jason Chin
Wild About Us!,  by: Beaumont, Karen RL 2.0 PTS .5 Quiz 180370


SSYR Master List


SSYR AWARD TITLES 2016 - 2017 Master List (Grades 3 - 5)

Absolutely Almost, by: Graff, Lisa RL 4.7 PTS 7.0 Quiz 168459
All Four Stars, by: Dairman, Tara RL 6.0 PTS 9.0 Quiz 169704
Circus Mirandus, by: Beasley, Cassie RL 4.8 PTS 9.0 Quiz 174524
Dinosaur Boy, by: Oakes, Cory Putman RL 5.1 PTS 7.0 Quiz 172183
Eddie Red Undercover: Mystery on Museum Mile, by: Wells, Marcia RL 4.9 PTS 6.0 Quiz 165284
Fish Finelli: Seagulls Don’t Eat Pickles, by: Farber, E.S. RL 3.8 PTS 3.0 Quiz 160904
Fish in a Tree, by: Hunt, Lynda Mullaly RL 3.7 PTS 7.0 Quiz 172804
Gabby Duran and the Unsittables, by: Conners, Daryle and Elise Allen RL 5.4 PTS 6.0 Quiz 174374
Half a Chance, by: Lord, Cynthia RL 4.5 PTS 6.0 Quiz 163432
The Pet War, by: Woodrow, Allen RL 3.8 PTS 8.0 Quiz 161904
Pip Bartlett’s Guide to Magical Creatures, by: Pearce, Jackson and Maggie Stiefvater RL 4.7 PTS 5.0 Quiz 174457
Prairie Evers, by: Airgood, Ellen RL 4.9 PTS 5.0 Quiz 151463
Serafina’s Promise, by: Burg, Ann RL 3.6 PTS 3.0 Quiz 160994
The Terrible Two, by: Barnett, Mac and Jory John RL 4.5 PTS 4.0 Quiz 170994
The Worm Whisperer, by: Hicks, Betty RL 3.7 PTS 4.0 Quiz 156493