art img01The ART Room

We are learning and having fun in the art room. Our goal is to help teach our youngsters to explore the world of creativity. In the creative process, the students develop a sense of self worth through their art andn learn to value the artistic expression of others.

As our classes begin, students in K through 5th grades will have art class once a week for 40 minutes. Ask your children what day they have art and dress them accordingly so that their good clothing does not get stained.

Art work that is completed in art class is saved for displays and/or shows at school and at county shows. Students will be bringing home some of their art work during the school year. The remaining collection of work will be brought home at the end of each semester.

Your child's art projects are developed for his/her grade level with art history and appreciation incorporated into the lesson when possible.


Ways to Help

Your junk can be and art teachers treasure! I can always use:

  • cardboard rolls
  • egg containers
  • styrofoam trays
  • nature magazines
  • findings

I would appreciate any donations to the art room.

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Class Rules

Respect others and their art

Clean work area

Stay in seat

Quiet please

Grading Policy

The grading policy for art is one that is in line with the report cards of the district and in the Character Counts program.

Participation is vital to the successful completion of a project. Projects are assessed individually with a rubric specific to each lesson taught. Students keep a portfolio of finished work.

Conduct is another component of our grading system. In grades K-5 it is expected that students wil follow the character pillars. Colnduct greades are based on my discipline plan. Should a student fail to meet behavioral or class expectations, they have two opportunities during any given class to correct themselves after which check marks are given. An accumulation of three or more check marks during a nine-week term is an automatic "N" for conduct on the report.

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